Melatonin and Fertoprotective Adjuvants: Prevention against Premature Ovarian Failure during Chemotherapy.

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premature ovarian failure 5 endocrinologydiseases
cyclophosphamide 9 endocrinologydiseasesdrugs
ovarian dysfunction 1 endocrinologydiseases
prednisone 1 endocrinologydiseasesdrugs
premature menopause 1 endocrinologydiseases

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cyclophosphamide 4661 drugs classified based on their type and action are listed below. First, alkylating molecules, such as cyclophosphamide , have significant damaging effects on ovarian tissue [[14],[15],[16]], and are responsible for the highest
cyclophosphamide 7384 for lymphoma is reported to be less ovotoxic [[38],[39],[40]], whereas another major combination of cyclophosphamide , procarbazin, prednisone, and vincristine induces POF [[41],[42]]. In order to understand the mechanism
cyclophosphamide 8535 such as granulosa and cumulous in large follicles [[20],[21],[43],[48]]. Oktem and Oktay reported that cyclophosphamide rapidly decreases the number of primordial follicles and induces apoptosis in a human-mice ovarian xenograft
cyclophosphamide 8874 by chemotherapeutic agents in animals [[50]] and humans [[51]]. Recently, Xiang et al. reported that cyclophosphamide , an alkylating molecule, induces dormant follicle pool depletion by indiscriminately activating primordial
cyclophosphamide 20304 Application of Melatonin as a Fertoprotective Agent in Fertility PreservationMany anti-cancer drugs including cyclophosphamide and cisplatin have been known to induce apoptosis of granulosa cells in the ovary and stimulate over-activation
cyclophosphamide 24117 ovary is controversial. Treatment with S1P showed a protective effect against dacarbazin- [[169]], cyclophosphamide - and doxorubicin-treated ovarian follicles [[170]], but not against cyclophosphamide-treated ovary [[171]].
cyclophosphamide 24202 dacarbazin- [[169]], cyclophosphamide- and doxorubicin-treated ovarian follicles [[170]], but not against cyclophosphamide -treated ovary [[171]]. In addition, the administration of S1P during chemotherapy has some limitations.
cyclophosphamide 29038 [[195]] and testes [[196],[197]]. In particular, AS101 has been reported to protect testes against cyclophosphamide -induced damages and fragmentation of sperm DNA without interfering with chemotherapy effect [[196],[197]].
cyclophosphamide 29228 chemotherapy effect [[196],[197]]. In female, AS101 also has been shown to suppress follicle loss in cyclophosphamide -activated primordial follicles by inhibiting the PI3K/PTEN/AKT signal pathway during chemotherapy [[198],[199]].
prednisone 7415 less ovotoxic [[38],[39],[40]], whereas another major combination of cyclophosphamide, procarbazin, prednisone , and vincristine induces POF [[41],[42]]. In order to understand the mechanism of POF induced by chemotherapy,
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ovarian dysfunction 2159 physicians should discuss with their female cancer patients at risk of chemotherapy-induced POF and ovarian dysfunction , and help with the decision of fertility preservation as early as possible [[2],[3],[4]]. Among the
premature menopause 29765 ovarian failure is a highly burdensome gynecological syndrome. It lowers female fertility, induces premature menopause , and causes a variety of hormonal changes in the body. The development of anticancer drugs has greatly
premature ovarian failure 1344 review, we summarize the information indicating that melatonin may be useful for reducing and preventing premature ovarian failure in chemotherapy-treated female patients. We also mention that many adjuvants other than melatonin are
premature ovarian failure 1787 patients.1. IntroductionThe most significant and common side effects of chemotherapy include infertility and premature ovarian failure (POF) [[1]]. Therefore, prevention of POF and protection of the ovarian follicle pool have gained increasing
premature ovarian failure 18751 neurological disease, rheumatoid and reproduction [[142],[143],[144]]. The early ovarian follicle loss causes premature ovarian failure in premenopausal women. The primordial follicles during reproductive life have three fates: dormancy,
premature ovarian failure 19840 acts as a scavenger via its receptor. Recent study demonstrated that melatonin treatment ameliorates premature ovarian failure by decreasing oxidative stress damage, which was mediated by SIRT1 signaling [[151]]. Of course, the
premature ovarian failure 20478 granulosa cells in the ovary and stimulate over-activation of dormant primordial follicles resulting in premature ovarian failure (POF) [[1],[27],[43],[44],[45],[46],[47]]. POF is one of the causes of female infertility. Fertility

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