Effect of lifestyle interventions on cardiovascular risk factors among adults without impaired glucose tolerance or diabetes: A systematic review and meta-analysis

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obesity 4 endocrinologydiseases
polycystic ovary syndrome 1 endocrinologydiseases
diabetes mellitus 1 endocrinologydiseases
familial hypercholesterolemia 1 endocrinologydiseases
hyperglycemia 2 endocrinologydiseases
hyperlipidemia 1 endocrinologydiseases
metabolic syndrome 1 endocrinologydiseases

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diabetes mellitus 35692 index; CAD: coronary Artery Disease; CVD: cardiovascular disease; DBP: diastolic blood pressure; DM: diabetes mellitus ; FBG: fasting blood glucose; FPG: fasting plasma glucose; HDL-C: high density cholesterol; HT: hypertension;
familial hypercholesterolemia 18483 (12.9)56.7CommunityAmsterdamThe Netherland26.5 (5.0)124.5 (15.0)/NR5.2 (1.3)3.6 (1.3)/1.2 (0.4)1.2 (0.6)Aged: 18-70yrs, with familial hypercholesterolemia , a LDL-C level>75th percentileRecruited from the national cascade screening program7.4Burke V, et al.
hyperglycemia 5401 have IGT,[[15]] and according to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) definition of intermediate hyperglycemia (measured by fasting plasma glucose (FPG): 110-139mg/dL), about 70% of individuals with this condition
hyperglycemia 16376 (7.3)4.8 (1.0)2.8 (0.8)/1.2 (0.3)1.5 (0.8)Aged: 20-59yrs; without hyperlipidemia, hypertrygliceridemia, hyperglycemia , obesity, cancer, anabolic, or corticosteroid drugs use, or pregnancyRecruited from a reference HIV
hyperlipidemia 16338 PauloBrazil23.3 (2.7)111.1 (11.6)/75.2 (7.3)4.8 (1.0)2.8 (0.8)/1.2 (0.3)1.5 (0.8)Aged: 20-59yrs; without hyperlipidemia , hypertrygliceridemia, hyperglycemia, obesity, cancer, anabolic, or corticosteroid drugs use, or pregnancyRecruited
metabolic syndrome 35890 cholesterol; HT: hypertension; IGT: impaired glucose tolerance; LDL-C: low density cholesterol; MetS: metabolic syndrome ; min/w: minutes/week; NR: not reported; OGTT: oral glucose tolerance test; PG: plasma glucose; SD: standard
obesity 4404 hand, CVD and diabetes share similar risk factors such as unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, and obesity .[[2]–[4]] Previous studies have demonstrated that structured lifestyle interventions incorporating
obesity 16391 (0.8)/1.2 (0.3)1.5 (0.8)Aged: 20-59yrs; without hyperlipidemia, hypertrygliceridemia, hyperglycemia, obesity , cancer, anabolic, or corticosteroid drugs use, or pregnancyRecruited from a reference HIV clinic20.8Anderson
obesity 19653 (13.1)/NR5.5 (1.0)3.3 (0.9)/1.4 (0.3)1.5 (0.9)Age: 18-65yrs; elevated waist circumference (≥85cm), abdominal obesity without DM and CVDRecruited via poster, leaflet, telephone, and ads55.5Clifton et al. 20081191249.0
obesity 20871 (1.3)Age>18yrs, BMI between 25 and 40 kg/m2 without endocrine disordersRecruited by referring to the obesity clinics27.0Donnelly et al. 2000221851.5 (8.5)100.0CommunityKearneyNE31.2 (4.0)133.0 (16.1)/80.5 (9.2)4.9
polycystic ovary syndrome 27325 (5.2)100.0ClinicSydneyAustralia34.5 (4.2)NR/NR4.8 (0.7)2.8 (0.7)/1.4 (0.7)1.3 (0.7)Women, aged: 18-40yrs; BMI<25 kg/m2, with polycystic ovary syndrome , without pregnancy and DMRecruited from a screening program49.0Mason et al. 20161941247.0 (12.7)78.0CommunitySan

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