The importance of physical function to people with osteoporosis

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osteoporosis 84 Title: Osteoporosis InternationalThe importance of physical function to people with osteoporosis C. KerrC. BottomleyS. ShinglerL. GiangregorioH. M. de FreitasC. PatelS. RandallD. T. GoldPublication
osteoporosis 358 3/2017Publication date (ppub): /2017AbstractSummaryThere is increasing need to understand patient outcomes in osteoporosis . This article discusses that fracture in osteoporosis can lead to a cycle of impairment, driven by complex
osteoporosis 412 increasing need to understand patient outcomes in osteoporosis. This article discusses that fracture in osteoporosis can lead to a cycle of impairment, driven by complex psychosocial factors, having a profound impact
osteoporosis 735 impact physical function.IntroductionThere is increasing need to understand patient-centred outcomes in osteoporosis (OP) clinical research and management. This multi-method paper provides insight on the effect of OP
osteoporosis 7853 Assessment Questionnaire-Physical Function (OPAQ-PF) questionnaire, a PRO instrument developed to evaluate osteoporosis treatment effectiveness [[16]]. During the instrument development process, 39 people with OP were recruited
osteoporosis 13363 stated in italics.ResultsThe examination of findings from the three data sources suggests that overall, osteoporosis and osteoporotic fragility fractures can have a substantial impact on physical function and this impact
osteoporosis 16221 the constructs and tasks of the CS-PFP and PPT and is specifically designed for use in people with osteoporosis . The SFM quantifies physical function in terms of body mechanics and movement strategies used to perform
osteoporosis 16624 when completing everyday tasks than those with no history of fracture or falls [[20]]. Analysis of an osteoporosis clinic database indicated that patients with fewer limitations in physical performance according to
osteoporosis 30438 can’t get up, I mean, you know, yes, so there is some problems, but I don’t know if it’s related to osteoporosis or just the arthritis and aging, you know, so it’s hard to know”. [P11, 74 years, 1 fracture at
osteoporosis 31510 two conditions or what disease caused which symptoms.“There isn’t a day that I don’t feel the osteoporosis in my hands, in my back, in my legs, in my toes and, you know, whether I’m bending, or whether I’m
osteoporosis 32447 with OP in exercise programs.“Well I’m supposed to do a lot of walking, which I know I can do for osteoporosis , but the sidewalk is uneven and it’s dangerous. I have to be careful. I have to use a walker where
osteoporosis 33459 health, social and financial implications, which are often underestimated [[50]].In individuals with osteoporosis , differences in levels of self-efficacy (the belief that one can carry out a behaviour) may have personal
osteoporosis 33755 individual’s willingness to adopt a more active lifestyle, to eat healthily or up take of treatment for osteoporosis . This impact should be a consideration for researchers, as exemplified in a recent Maternal Vitamin
osteoporosis 34380 people with OP is not to lift “anything heavier than a 5 pound bag of sugar”.“Tell me about how osteoporosis impacts you on a day-to-day basis?Hmmm. Well, it does—I am on restrictions now.Okay and what are those
osteoporosis 35567 advice according to risk, activity history and other factors, such as time since fracture or use of osteoporosis medication. Further, one might consider that placing restrictions is a disincentive to physical activity
osteoporosis 35836 safely and modify activities may provide an incentive to stay active. For example, some people with osteoporosis (e.g. otherwise healthy, but at moderate risk of future fracture) may simply need to practice ‘spine
osteoporosis 37102 noncompliance and nonpersistence to therapy include cost, inconvenience, safety issues and efficacy concerns of osteoporosis medications. When patients are asked to rank these attributes of OP medication, their age, education

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