Noninvasive Retinal Markers in Diabetic Retinopathy: Advancing from Bench towards Bedside

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diabetes mellitus 1 endocrinologydiseases
diabetic neuropathy 6 endocrinologydiseases
diabetic retinopathy 8 endocrinologydiseases

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diabetes mellitus 14099 These findings could possibly be indications of a shared pathogenic pathway for microvasculopathy in diabetes mellitus .This study has been the longest prospective study to date of both retinal vessel calibers and retinal
diabetic neuropathy 11423 of the time [[51]].Prevalences of long-term complications were 43% for PDR and 53%, 33%, and 22% for diabetic neuropathy , nephropathy, and macrovasculopathy, respectively [[52]]. In a multiple logistic regression model, a
diabetic neuropathy 11755 decrease in CRAE) and macrovascular disease (OR 3.17 per SD decrease in CRAE), but not with PDR or diabetic neuropathy [[17]]. CRVE was unrelated to all complications.Interestingly, a different signal was found in retinal
diabetic neuropathy 12059 retinal vascular fractal dimension correlated independently with PDR (OR 1.57 per SD decrease in Fd) and diabetic neuropathy (OR 1.42 per SD decrease in Fd), but not with diabetic nephropathy or macrovascular disease [[53]].In
diabetic neuropathy 13908 dimensions (OR 1.17, 1.40, and 1.22 per 0.01 decrease in fractal dimension) and the 16-year incidences of diabetic neuropathy , nephropathy, and proliferative retinopathy were found [[61]–[63]]. These findings could possibly
diabetic neuropathy 14520 coefficients (BC) and diabetic nephropathy (OR 3.10 for patients with increased arteriolar BC) and diabetic neuropathy (OR 2.11 for patients with increased venular BC) [[64]].8. Retinal Vascular Calibers in Diabetic Macular
diabetic neuropathy 24331 decrement in fractal dimension all independently predict long-term development of diabetic nephropathy, diabetic neuropathy , and PDR [[61], [63]]. A potential use of this could be automated software combining these measurements
diabetic retinopathy 1365 inspection. Noninvasive retinal markers are important to identity patients in risk of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy . Studies have correlated structural features like retinal vascular caliber and fractals with micro-
diabetic retinopathy 1684 retinal oximetry, and higher retinal venular oxygen saturation has been demonstrated in patients with diabetic retinopathy . So far, most studies have been cross-sectional, but these can only disclose associations and are not
diabetic retinopathy 2068 retinal markers have not been investigated as markers of treatment outcome in patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and diabetic macular edema. The Department of Ophthalmology at Odense University Hospital, Denmark,
diabetic retinopathy 2256 Odense University Hospital, Denmark, has a strong tradition of studying the retinal microvasculature in diabetic retinopathy . In the present paper, we demonstrate the importance of the retinal vasculature not only as predictors
diabetic retinopathy 2473 predictors of long-term microvasculopathy but also as markers of treatment outcome in sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy in well-established population-based cohorts of patients with diabetes.1. IntroductionDiabetic retinopathy
diabetic retinopathy 6656 retinal vessel calibers, blood flow, presence and progression of DR, and the development of proliferative diabetic retinopathy (PDR) [[6], [9]–[14]].4. Retinal Vessel Caliber and Advanced Geometrical MeasurementsRetinal vessel
diabetic retinopathy 13203 of interest [[59], [60]]. On the other hand, the study aimed to identify early retinal markers for diabetic retinopathy , nephropathy, and neuropathy. Semiautomated computer software had in the recent years made it possible
diabetic retinopathy 17158 Treatment Outcome in PDR“The individually-marked panretinal laser photocoagulation for proliferative diabetic retinopathy study” (IMPETUS 2018) has been designed to identify the threshold level of progression of PDR after

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