Drosophila melanogaster Models of Metal-Related Human Diseases and Metal Toxicity.

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hypophosphatemia 1 endocrinologydiseases
Menkes disease 3 endocrinologydiseases
Wilson disease 3 endocrinologydiseases
acrodermatitis enteropathica 1 endocrinologydiseases

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Menkes disease 32346 Mendelian disorders of Cu metabolism caused by deficiency and excess of this metal, respectively [[148]]. Menkes disease is an X-linked recessive neurodegenerative disorder with reported incidences of 1 in 300,000 in European
Menkes disease 32964 protein is critical for intestinal absorption of Cu and its transport across the BBB. Therefore, in Menkes disease , Cu accumulates in the cells of the BBB and choroid plexus, making the metal unable to reach the neuronal
Menkes disease 35341 suggested that induction of MTF-1 expression could be used as an additional approach for the treatment of Menkes disease . They argued that the metallothioneins induced by MTF-1 could bind to the excess Cu accumulated in the
Wilson disease 26449 homeostasis. We find illustrative examples in Friedreich’s ataxia, an iron-related disorder; in Menkes and Wilson disease s caused by a deficiency and an excess of copper, respectively; and in spondylocheirodysplasia Ehlers-Danlos
Wilson disease 33277 deficiencies in the activity of Cu-containing enzymes. Mutation in the copper transporter ATP7B gene causes Wilson disease , an autosomal recessive condition with an estimated wide prevalence of 1–9 in 100,000. Patients suffer
Wilson disease 35712 mutations responsible for a disease. Mutations in ATB7A and ATP7B are not only responsible for Menkes and Wilson disease s, but can also be involved in other disorders, such as distal motor neuropathy [[156]] and Alzheimer’s
acrodermatitis enteropathica 36643 hereditary human diseases. Examples of these include the transient neonatal deficiency (hZnT2 mutations), acrodermatitis enteropathica (hZIP4 mutations) or the spondylocheirodysplasia form of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (hZIP13 mutations).The
hypophosphatemia 52566 example, metals, such as arsenic, cadmium, lead and mercury, cause many altered conditions including hypophosphatemia , heart disease, liver damage, cancer, central nervous system injury and sensory disturbances.Based on

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