New concepts for an old problem: the diagnosis of endometrial hyperplasia

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endometrial carcinoma 1 endocrinologydiseases
obesity 4 endocrinologydiseases

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endometrial carcinoma 70260 atypical hyperplasia ([2]).These studies suggest a role for E-cadherin in regulating cell adhesion during endometrial carcinoma progression; however, only limited information can be drawn at present from the current literature on
obesity 3064 considered a predominantly postmenopausal disease. Owing in part to the current unprecedented rates of obesity , we are starting to see signs of a shift towards a rising incidence of EC amongst pre- and peri-menopausal
obesity 3877 incidence of EC is steadily increasing, largely owing to an ageing population and escalating rates of obesity ([160]; [57]; [206]). In spite of the frequency of this disease, awareness amongst the general population
obesity 75072 difficult EH/EIN clinical scenarios will become more commonplace in the future, due to escalating levels of obesity , the ageing population and increasing trends in delaying childbearing ([116]; [43]). The clinical need
obesity 78984 lesion to endometrioid EC may warrant further investigation. Owing in part to the escalating problem of obesity , rates of EHs and ECs and particularly the incidence of premenopausal disease are rising ([116]; [206]).

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