Prevalence of personal weight control attempts in adults: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

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obesity 2436 meta‐analysis. Obesity Reviews, 18: 32–50. doi: 10.1111/obr.12466.27653242IntroductionThe causes of obesity are complex and multifaceted. Obesity control interventions usually focus on a combination of physical
obesity 3203 enhancing effects of public health strategies 3. The relationship between personal weight loss attempts and obesity is complex, and well‐informed attempts to lose weight (e.g. those utilizing evidence‐based weight
obesity 8629 region, setting); (iii) subject characteristics (sample size, age, gender, percentage of overweight/ obesity , response rate) and (iv) outcomes of interest (prevalence of weight loss and maintenance attempts, strategies
obesity 30159 45.7]99.9South Asia325.6 [23.8, 27.5]96.10——Meta‐regressionsN analysesSlope, SE [95% CI]Zp% Overweight and obesity 700.018, 0.001 [0.016, 0.020]14.869<0.001260.015, 0.002 [0.011, 0.018]8.727<0.001% Women580.011, 0.003
obesity 31470 (−1.4%).Combined prevalence of weight loss attempts increased significantly with the prevalence of overweight and obesity (b = 0.018; p < 0.001), with the percentage of women in the samples (b = 0.011; p = 0.001)
obesity 44210 attemptsThe overall summary of prevalence results in general populations mirrors the overweight and obesity trends worldwide: prevalence rates have increased in the last decades and are higher in Europe/Central
obesity 44583 weight loss attempts in the start of this millennium may include changes in social norms regarding obesity , an increase in the number of products and services targeting weight management or greater importance
obesity 45852 consequently engage in more efforts to become or remain thin.Although the prevalence of overweight and obesity is particularly high in some ethnic‐minority groups 93, the overall summary prevalence of weight loss
obesity 46983 not test whether the prevalence of weight loss attempts varied with the prevalence of overweight and obesity , and the non‐significant effects found may be due to low statistical power 10.Personal weight control
obesity 53302 professionals and policy makers towards better planning and resource allocation directly targeting obesity prevention and treatment. From a societal perspective, and considering the high demand for weight management

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