Multimorbidity in rheumatic conditions

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obesity 1 endocrinologydiseases
osteoporosis 4 endocrinologydiseases
metabolic syndrome 1 endocrinologydiseases

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metabolic syndrome 7536 rheumatic conditions leads to a significant improvement of co-existing conditions, such as CV disease or metabolic syndrome [[33], [34]].Guidelines such as “treat to target” or EULAR treatment recommendations were developed
obesity 2501 co-exist because of a shared risk factor profile leading to high co-occurrence rates, such as smoking, obesity , or a sedentary lifestyle. Some studies describe an association of multimorbidity with female gender
osteoporosis 3267 importance of multimorbidity [[7]]. The highest prevalence rates of cardiovascular diseases, depression, and osteoporosis can be observed in RA patients [[8], [9]]. The prevalence rates of the main conditions for distinct
osteoporosis 5888 for CV risk assessment and management [[26]].Osteoporosis and pulmonary diseaseA higher prevalence of osteoporosis can be observed in patients with rheumatic conditions. The increased risk is mainly induced by glucocorticoid
osteoporosis 6128 also due to immobility and inflammation [[27]]. Especially in SLE patients, an increased incidence of osteoporosis and symptomatic fractures can be observed, which is mainly related to steroid therapy, disease duration,
osteoporosis 6360 severity [[28]]. The increased risk of major fracture in RA patients is taken into account in various osteoporosis risk assessment tools [[29]].Recent studies demonstrated an increased prevalence and risk of mortality

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