The Energy Content and Composition of Meals Consumed after an Overnight Fast and Their Effects on Diet Induced Thermogenesis: A Systematic Review, Meta-Analyses and Meta-Regressions

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obesity 2492 essential nutrients early in the day [[2]]. Skipping breakfast is associated with increased weight gain and obesity , suggesting that breakfast may be protective against weight gain [[1],[3]]. Among the explanations for
obesity 3827 has been little investigation into the mechanisms by which breakfast may exert effects on preventing obesity [[1]]. Both of these reviews found insufficient evidence to support consumption of breakfast for obesity
obesity 3932 obesity [[1]]. Both of these reviews found insufficient evidence to support consumption of breakfast for obesity prevention and suggested that further research in this area is required [[1],[3]].Given the suggested
obesity 4184 arena, there are surprisingly few systematic reviews (SRs) consolidating the evidence of its effects on obesity prevention [[1],[9],[10]] and no SR and/or meta-analyses have investigated the effect of consuming breakfast
obesity 6056 on DIT and help to inform further research on the potential role of breakfast in health, as well as obesity prevention, treatment, and management.2. Materials and MethodsThe SR protocol was published in ‘Prospero’
obesity 50644 Considering the lack of evidence base regarding the role of meals consumed after an overnight fast on obesity prevention, this SR was able to provide evidence of the short-term effect of consuming different types
obesity 50828 consuming different types of meals on DIT, which in the long term could play a significant role in obesity .4.2. LimitationsThere are a number of limitations regarding this SR. First, the included studies were
obesity 60108 fast on DIT in males and females, different age groups, and those who are healthy or have a range of obesity -related health conditions would also be informative.Figure 1PRISMA Flow diagram [[40]] systematic search

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