The Next Frontier in Communication and the ECLIPPSE Study: Bridging the Linguistic Divide in Secure Messaging.

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hypoglycemia 5984 outcomes [[9], [10]]. We will examine whether patient LCP is associated with medication adherence, HbA1c, hypoglycemia , or long-term outcomes. We augmented this framework with the IMB Model of DM2 medication adherence [[11]].
hypoglycemia 12504 patient LCP is associated with HbA1c, adherence for cardiometabolic medications, DM2 complications, hypoglycemia , and utilization of services.We hypothesize that (1) patients' and their providers' LCP will demonstrate
hypoglycemia 12911 (2) patient LCP will correlate with clinically relevant outcomes, for example, med adherence, HbA1c, hypoglycemia , and utilization of services. Patients' HL level will be based on a previously validated instrument
hypoglycemia 28446 with higher prevalence of DM2, poor glycemic control [[21], [70]], DM2 complications [[21], [71]], hypoglycemia [[29]], and poorer medication adherence [[33], [72]]. Inadequate health communication is a mediator
hypoglycemia 32176 is associated with suboptimal communication-sensitive outcomes, such as medication nonadherence or hypoglycemia , then health systems can target communication training efforts for those clinicians. Finally, if ECLIPPSE's

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