Contribution of viral mimics of cellular genes to KSHV infection and disease.

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rituximab 1 angiologydiseasesdrugs
Siltuximab 1 angiologydiseasesdrugs
primary effusion lymphoma 2 angiologydiseases

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Siltuximab 7900 a proportion of the infected cells [[6],[27],[33],[34],[35]].There is no standard therapy for MCD. Siltuximab , a chimeric neutralizing monoclonal antibody against IL-6 has recently received FDA approval for use
rituximab 10466 and other typical B cell surface markers. Despite the absence of surface CD20, there is evidence that rituximab (anti-CD20 antibody) can be an effective treatment for some patients with PEL (Figure 1) [[41],[42]].
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primary effusion lymphoma 789 the cause of Kaposi sarcoma (KS), the most common malignancy in HIV-infected individuals worldwide, primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) and multicentric Castleman disease (MCD). KSHV is a double-stranded DNA virus that encodes several
primary effusion lymphoma 2006 herpesvirus that was shown to be the cause of Kaposi sarcoma (KS) [[1]]. Soon thereafter, HIV/AIDS-associated primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) and multicentric Castleman’s disease (MCD) were linked to KSHV infection [[2],[3],[4],[5]].

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