Programming of Vascular Dysfunction in the Intrauterine Milieu of Diabetic Pregnancies

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vascular disease 983 worldwide. Macrosomic babies born to diabetic mothers are more likely to develop risk factors for cardio vascular disease (CVD) before they reach adulthood. Rodent studies in offspring born to hyperglycemic pregnancies show
vascular disease 1356 cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2). Vascular dysfunction is a key pathogenic event in the progression of diabetes-related vascular disease , primarily attributable to glucotoxicity. Therefore, glucose-induced vascular injury may stem directly
vascular disease 7494 later-life development of the metabolic syndrome [[26],[27],[28]], a cluster of risk factors for cardio vascular disease (CVD) including obesity, insulin resistance and hypertension. Several of these studies show that the
vascular disease 10793 bioavailability of the major endothelium-derived relaxing factor, nitric oxide (NO), is a hallmark of vascular disease and significant predictor of adverse cardiovascular events [[33]]. There are several non-invasive measurements
vascular disease 27885 respectively. Mounting evidence implicates DNA and histone methylation in the progression of diabetes-related vascular disease [[37],[80]]. Thus, persistent dysregulation of gene expression owing to the effects of intrauterine

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