Egg Intake in Chronic Kidney Disease

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Term Occurence Count Dictionary
acute kidney injury 1 nephrologydiseases
cholecalciferol 1 nephrologydiseasesdrugs
chronic kidney disease 2 nephrologydiseases
kidney failure 2 nephrologydiseases
nephrotic syndrome 1 nephrologydiseases

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cholecalciferol 17022 population [[72]]. A whole egg-containing diet was demonstrated to be more effective than supplemental cholecalciferol at maintaining vitamin D status in a Zucker T2DM rat model [[73]] and was shown to offer a nephroprotective
Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
acute kidney injury 30386 were further evaluated (Supplemental Table S1) following exclusion of articles related to: (i) AKI ( acute kidney injury ) and transplant patients; (ii) abstracts, case reports, conference proceedings, and letters; (iii) eggs
chronic kidney disease 584 date (epub): 12/2018Publication date (collection): 12/2018AbstractPatients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) are often instructed to adhere to a renal-specific diet depending on the severity and stage of
chronic kidney disease 29981 2018, using various terms (‘egg consumption’, “egg intake’ or ‘egg’ AND ‘CKD’ or ‘ chronic kidney disease ’ ‘kidney disease’, ‘dialysis’, ‘kidney failure’, ‘renal failure’, ‘end stage renal
kidney failure 2636 with CKD, a low protein diet of 0.6–0.8 g/kg body weight is recommended to delay the progression of kidney failure in non-diabetic CKD patients [[4]]. However, in end-stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, a higher protein
kidney failure 30048 or ‘egg’ AND ‘CKD’ or ‘chronic kidney disease’ ‘kidney disease’, ‘dialysis’, ‘ kidney failure ’, ‘renal failure’, ‘end stage renal disease’, ‘hemodialysis’, ‘haemodialysis’, ‘peritoneal
nephrotic syndrome 11655 cholesterol or HDL-C [[28]]. Additionally, it has been demonstrated in rodent models, (5/6 nephrectomy and nephrotic syndrome ) that feedback inhibition of cholesterol biosynthesis is preserved [[49],[50]]. There remains a paucity

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