Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors for Improving Renal Function in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: An Updated Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

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chronic kidney disease 5 nephrologydiseases
nephrosclerosis 2 nephrologydiseases
nephrotic syndrome 1 nephrologydiseases
prednisone 1 nephrologydiseasesdrugs

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prednisone 32389 between groupsShi et al., 2012 [[16]]-Hyperuricemic IgAN patients-Exclusion criteria: active gout, prednisone or immunosuppressive use within the preceding 2 months, ACEIs and/or ARBs use, Allopurinol intolerance,
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chronic kidney disease 1015 controlled trials (RCTs) to verify if treatment with XOis may improve renal outcomes in individuals with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Methods: Ovid-MEDLINE, PubMed and CENTRAL databases were searched for RCTs comparing any XOi
chronic kidney disease 2166 findings to the whole CKD population.1. IntroductionThe search for alternative strategies to prevent chronic kidney disease (CKD) progression is still an open challenge. In daily practice, currently recommended approaches focusing
chronic kidney disease 22754 with Xanthine Oxidase inhibitors may bring reno-protective benefits in individuals with non-advanced chronic kidney disease . Future trials targeting solid rather than surrogate renal endpoints (e.g., ESKD) that are designed
chronic kidney disease 43487 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, ARBs: angiotensin receptor blockers, BMI: body mass index, CKD: chronic kidney disease , CrCl: creatinine clearance, CV: cardiovascular, DBP: diastolic blood pressure, DM: diabetes mellitus,
chronic kidney disease 48562 (GRADE).Xanthine Oxidase Inhibitors versus Placebo or Standard TherapyPatient or population: people with chronic kidney disease Intervention: Allopurinol, Febuxostat or TopiroxostatComparison: placebo or standard therapyOutcomeEffect
nephrosclerosis 33840 m2)-No difference between groups-No difference between groups when stratifying for DM nephropathy and nephrosclerosis -Double blind-Topiroxostat and placebo were administered orally for 2 weeks at an initial dose of 40
nephrosclerosis 34502 −44.8 vs. +3.4 (p = 0.022), in Topiroxostat vs. placebo group when stratifying for DM nephropathy and nephrosclerosis , respectivelyKim et al., 2014 [[18]]-Gouty patients with early renal function impairment-Exclusion criteria:
nephrotic syndrome 33223 patients with or without gout-Exclusion criteria: gouty arthritis within 2 weeks before the study, nephrotic syndrome , nephrolithiasis or urolithiasis, hyperuricemia secondary to cancer or other diseases, HbA1c ≥ 8%,

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