Effects of Magnesium on the Phosphate Toxicity in Chronic Kidney Disease: Time for Intervention Studies.

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calcium acetate 2 nephrologydiseasesdrugs
chronic kidney disease 2 nephrologydiseases

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calcium acetate 6351 assigned to a 12-month treatment of either magnesium-containing phosphate binders (magnesium carbonate/ calcium acetate ) or calcium-containing phosphate binders (calcium acetate) [[30]]. The two groups were then compared
calcium acetate 6409 magnesium-containing phosphate binders (magnesium carbonate/calcium acetate) or calcium-containing phosphate binders ( calcium acetate ) [[30]]. The two groups were then compared with respect to the progression of arterial calcification.
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chronic kidney disease 1028 endothelial function. The relationship between magnesium and cardiovascular prognosis among patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) has been increasingly investigated as it is becoming evident that magnesium can inhibit vascular
chronic kidney disease 3130 mineral for the cardiovascular system, this divalent cation has received little attention in the field of chronic kidney disease (CKD). However, the low magnesium status may also be unfavorable for CKD patients since it is associated

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