The challenge of translating ischemic conditioning from animal models to humans: the role of comorbidities.

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cyclosporine 1 nephrologydiseasesdrugs
acute kidney injury 2 nephrologydiseases
chronic kidney disease 2 nephrologydiseases

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cyclosporine 40236 including statins ([93]), nicorandil ([113]), sildenafil ([75]), erythropoietin ([8]), opiates ([95]) and cyclosporine ([104]), have been shown to mimic the effects of ischemic conditioning, leading to tissue protection
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acute kidney injury 785 developed countries. IRI is also of crucial importance in fields as diverse as solid organ transplantation, acute kidney injury and following major surgery, where post-operative organ dysfunction is a major cause of morbidity and
acute kidney injury 2429 blood supply to an organ or tissue is compromised and then restored, including cerebrovascular disease, acute kidney injury (AKI; see Box 1), solid organ transplantation and post-surgery organ dysfunction.Box 1. GlossaryAcute
chronic kidney disease 35459 at least middle-aged humans can benefit from iPOST.Chronic kidney diseaseThe conditionAn underlying chronic kidney disease (CKD; see Box 1) is associated with reduced myocardial ischemia tolerance ([17]; [29]) and is a common
chronic kidney disease 41516 kidneys to stimulate red blood cell production, this is given in a recombinant form to patients with chronic kidney disease (in which endogenous production is reduced) or other conditions that cause anemia.Naloxone:a pure opioid

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