Issues of Acute Kidney Injury Staging and Management in Sepsis and Critical Illness: A Narrative Review.

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Term Occurence Count Dictionary
metabolic acidosis 1 nephrologydiseases
acute kidney injury 1 nephrologydiseases
furosemide 3 nephrologydiseasesdrugs

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Select Drug Character Offset Drug Term Instance
furosemide 41543 0.090)Gaudry et al., 2015 [[120]]Retrospective cohort34/27UO < 100 mL/8 h and no response to 50 mg furosemide SCr > 5 mg/dL or K >5.5 mEq/L irrespective of UONRNR24%/56% (p = 0.016)Jun et al., 2014 [[121]]Retrospective
furosemide 43707 55%/27% (p = 0.005)Demirkilic et al., 2004 [[144]]Retrospective cohort27/34UO < 100 mL/8 h despite 50 mg furosemide SCr > 5 mg/dL or K > 5.5 mmol/LNRNR24%/56% (p = 0.016)Elahi et al., 2004 [[145]]Retrospective cohort28/36UO
furosemide 43846 mmol/LNRNR24%/56% (p = 0.016)Elahi et al., 2004 [[145]]Retrospective cohort28/36UO < 100 mL/8 h despite furosemide Urea ≥ 30 mmol/L, Crea ≥ 250 mmol/L or K ≥ 6.5 mmol/LUrea 23.9 mg/dL SCr 3.7 mg/dLUrea 26.8 mg/dL
Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
acute kidney injury 44460 output. a Patients with rhabdomyolysis.ijms-18-01387-t005_Table 5Table 5Non-dialytic management of acute kidney injury .StrategyTherapeutic MeasuresEarly AKI recognition [[148],[149],[150]]Remove obstruction in post-renal
metabolic acidosis 39442 Early/LateGaudry et al., 2016 [[74]]RCT311/308After randomization + AKI Stage IIIHyperkalemia > 6 mmol/L, metabolic acidosis pH < 7.15, pulmonary edema > 5 L O2, BUN > 112 mg/dL, Oliguria >72 hBUN 52 mg/dL SCr 3.27 mg/dLBUN 90

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