Bones of contention: bone mineral density recovery in celiac disease--a systematic review.

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autoimmune disease 1 rheumatologydiseases
bone disease 2 rheumatologydiseases

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autoimmune disease 33397 induce IL-10+ TR1 cells. Gut microbiota also affects T cell differentiation and host susceptibility to autoimmune disease [[72]]. Bifidobacterium genus is low in the stools of celiac patients on a GFD compared to healthy controls
bone disease 409 UT 84606, USAPublication date (epub): 5/2015Publication date (collection): 5/2015AbstractMetabolic bone disease is a frequent co-morbidity in newly diagnosed adults with celiac disease (CD), an autoimmune disorder
bone disease 13525 52–76), M/F = 15/20Screen detected older celiac may suffer from subclinical malnutrition, GI symptoms or bone disease . Significant difference between pre & post-treatment femoral and lumbar spine Z scores.ACasella (2012)

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