Selected Molecular Mechanisms Involved in the Parasite⁻Host System

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Term Occurence Count Dictionary
capsaicin 1 infectiousdiseasesdrugs
diarrhea 1 infectiousdiseases
hymenolepiasis 1 infectiousdiseases
tapeworm infection 1 infectiousdiseases
tuberculosis 2 infectiousdiseases
abscess 1 infectiousdiseases

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Select Drug Character Offset Drug Term Instance
capsaicin 23117 in sensitivity to mechanical stimuli, where the use of mechanical stimulation and administration of capsaicin did not induce significant changes in transepithelial electrical potential in the small and large intestine
Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
abscess 3968 activity of immune cells (macrophages and lymphocytes), inflammatory lesions and foci in the liver (cysts, abscess es, granulomas), immune complexes in the kidneys, and the anaphylactic reaction and shock [[7],[8],[9]].Parasitic
diarrhea 7983 hymenolepiasis) in humans are not very characteristic and are limited to indigestion, abdominal pain, and diarrhea , but most commonly the infection is asymptomatic [[16],[30],[31],[32],[33],[34]]. Although an adult
hymenolepiasis 7877 with eggs are excreted with the host’s feces [[17],[25],[26]].The symptoms of hymenolepidosis (or hymenolepiasis ) in humans are not very characteristic and are limited to indigestion, abdominal pain, and diarrhea,
tapeworm infection 17428 by H. diminuta. Taxonomic composition at the genus levels did not change even at the early stage of tapeworm infection , usually characterized by high immunogenicity [[67]]. The discrepancies in the results regarding the
tuberculosis 41756 diminuta antigens induce M2 macrophage polarization and may reduce the maturation of Mycobacterium tuberculosis phagosomes in human monocyte-derived macrophages (hMDMs), induce early secretion of pro-inflammatory
tuberculosis 42045 secretion [[110]]. In addition, Aira et al. (2017) showed that tapeworms intensify the action of M. tuberculosis by increasing the secretion and expression of CD163 [[110]]. This confirms previous assumptions about

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