Safety assessment of seasonal trivalent influenza vaccine produced by Instituto Butantan from 2013 to 2017

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Term Occurence Count Dictionary
abscess 1 infectiousdiseases
herpes zoster 1 infectiousdiseases

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Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
abscess 13071 swelling30.05460.452590.5640.0150.013170.20Fever480.78660.641560.34190.0490.022980.19Headache190.31300.29720.1680.0230.011320.08Rash70.11120.12840.1850.0110.001090.07Vomiting60.10180.18500.1150.0150.01840.05Pain40.07290.28340.07120.0240.01830.05Cough60.10220.21350.0870.0140.01740.05Local abscess 50.08150.15520.1100.0010.00730.05Hypersensitivity220.36100.10260.0610.0030.01620.04Edema10.02290.28280.0600.0020.00600.04Myalgia70.11100.10350.0820.0020.00560.04Pruritus10.0240.04450.1050.0100.00550.03Local
herpes zoster 14870 The death occurred in an elderly vaccinee who was diagnosed with GBS while undergoing treatment for herpes zoster . The onset interval between vaccination and the first symptom was one month.The outcome of the “possibly

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