Modulation of Intestinal Immune and Barrier Functions by Vitamin A: Implications for Current Understanding of Malnutrition and Enteric Infections in Children

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diarrhea 19187 occur at home. In addition, vitamin A supplementation has been shown to reduce infant mortality due to diarrhea in endemic areas of vitamin deficiency [[69]].4. Clinical Evidence of Vitamin A for Enteric Diseases
diarrhea 20359 groups [[73],[74],[75]]. This debate should take into account the changing in the mortality rates of diarrhea l diseases with sustained decline in the last decades, albeit with increasing morbidity of non-diarrheal
diarrhea 20462 diarrheal diseases with sustained decline in the last decades, albeit with increasing morbidity of non- diarrhea l EED, associated with enteric pathogens early in life, in the developing world [[23],[76]]. This can
diarrhea 23677 vitamin A supplementation policies should now focus on the reduction of deficiency itself rather than diarrhea morbidity or mortality as the outcome [[88]]. These observations corroborate the idea of rethinking
diarrhea 24718 found that vitamin A deficiency (plasma retinol <10 μg/dL) was associated with an increased risk of diarrhea with vomiting and cough with fever. Consistently, these effects held after adjusting for sociodemographic
diarrhea 24981 [[92]].While the overall burden of vitamin A deficiency in public health is likely in part related to diarrhea and enteric infections, there are few studies that evaluated vitamin A deficiency or supplementation
diarrhea 25733 moderate to severe retinol deficiency was associated with reduced risk of incidence of EAEC and EPEC diarrhea in underweight and normal-weight children from urban Bangladesh [[94]].Previously, vitamin A supplementation
diarrhea 27192 the response to vitamin A supplementation and could explain some inconsistent effects of vitamin A on diarrhea l diseases outcomes, depending on the host immunologic profile. Recent studies have demonstrated the
diarrhea 28914 revise our understanding of vitamin A interventions in public health. While child mortality due to diarrhea is declining in many countries, we now recognize the detrimental consequences of EED for child’s health

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