Intervention strategies to reduce the burden of soil-transmitted helminths in India

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ascariasis 1 infectiousdiseases
filariasis 1 infectiousdiseases
mebendazole 1 infectiousdiseasesdrugs

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mebendazole 6975 recommendations are an annual single dose of albendazole (400 mg; 200 mg for children 1-2 yr of age) or mebendazole (500 mg). In areas where the baseline prevalence is greater than 50 per cent, the recommendation is
Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
ascariasis 12304 treatment arm in the Kolkata trial (53.90-24.00% in the intervention arm) with large effects seen for ascariasis at three months post albendazole administration (Ascaris 24.00% in intervention & 58.60% in control,
filariasis 13652 Trichuris 67 per cent (95% CI: 42-100)[36].Since the introduction of government-run MDA for lymphatic filariasis (LF) in endemic areas in 1998 in Tamil Nadu, several observational studies have documented the impact

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