Research Models and Tools for the Identification of Antivirals and Therapeutics against Zika Virus Infection

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Term Occurence Count Dictionary
dexamethasone 2 infectiousdiseasesdrugs
hepatitis A 1 infectiousdiseases
hepatitis C 1 infectiousdiseases

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dexamethasone 37427 Increased susceptibility to ZIKV infection has also been demonstrated by pretreatment of mice with dexamethasone , resulting in temporal immunocompromised animals, rendering them susceptible to ZIKV infections [[197]].
dexamethasone 38778 or delayed morbidity and mortality [[156],[193],[198],[199],[200],[201],[202],[203]]. Furthermore, dexamethasone -immunosuppressed mice have been used to evaluate the therapeutic potential of antivirals [[159]], and
Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
hepatitis A 19060 AXL and Tyro-3, as well as the innate immune receptor DC-SIGN and the receptor TIM-1, also known as hepatitis A virus cellular receptor 1 (HAVcr-1) (reviewed in [[97]]). However, none of these receptors seems to
hepatitis C 32748 treatment strategies have been performed for several viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis C virus, influenza A virus, Ebola virus, DENV and ZIKV [[170]]. A recent study predicted ZIKV replication

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