Recent Advances in Zika Virus Vaccines

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measles 1 infectiousdiseases
vaccinia 2 infectiousdiseases
Japanese encephalitis 1 infectiousdiseases

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Japanese encephalitis 11181 and efficacy of two DNA vaccines; VRC 5288 that expresses a chimeric E protein containing Zika and Japanese encephalitis sequences, and VRC 5283 that expresses the wild type Zika E protein. In both vaccines, the prM signal
measles 33858 0–4 week67Nov 2018NCT02996890Live attenuated recombinant vaccineIThemis BioscienceMV-ZIKAprME in measles vectorHigh and Low doseIM Injection0; 0–4 week48Apr 2018NCT03014089mRNA vaccineI/IIModerna TherapeuticsmRNA-1325prMENANANA90Sep
vaccinia 27143 deliver antigens for the purpose of developing immunity is a new and emerging field. Adenoviruses and vaccinia virus are perhaps the most well studied and widely used platforms for vaccine development. Replication
vaccinia 29233 SPH2015, Accession # KU321639) as well as a Chikungunya virus (CHIKV) structural protein cassette into a vaccinia derived Sementis Copenhagen Vector (SCV) system. This multi pathogen vaccine provided protection against

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