Netrin as a Novel Biomarker and Its Therapeutic Implications in Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetes-Associated Complications

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hyperglycemia 3 endocrinologydiseases
metabolic syndrome 1 endocrinologydiseases
diabetes mellitus 3 endocrinologydiseases
diabetic foot 1 endocrinologydiseases
diabetic neuropathy 2 endocrinologydiseases
diabetic retinopathy 4 endocrinologydiseases

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diabetes mellitus 6725 and/or specificity is too poor [[19], [20]]. The efficacy of diabetic management to delay progression of diabetes mellitus would be improved if they could be implemented during the initial phases of the disease and targeted
diabetes mellitus 39259 DCC, was primarily involved in secondary neuronal death.4. Conclusion and Future PerspectivesAlthough diabetes mellitus and its related complications have been diagnosed and managed in different diagnostic criteria and drug
diabetes mellitus 62914 Scr: serum creatinine; IFN: interferon; AKI: acute kidney injury; CKD: chronic kidney disease; DM: diabetes mellitus ; RPTE cell: renal proximal tubular epithelial cell,Table 3The levels of Netrin in cardiovascular (CV)
diabetic foot 6118 prevalence of 35%, 25%, and 15% of neuropathy, retinopathy, and nephropathy, respectively. Similarly, diabetic foot ulcer and impotency (25% and 44%, respectively) are highly prevalent in diabetic patients [[18]].Although
diabetic neuropathy 5726 retinopathy and nephropathy is 41.5% and 46.3%, respectively, in hospitalized patients and the prevalence of diabetic neuropathy also reached 60% in inpatient hospital clinics of Egypt. Diabetic neuropathy in Sudan was also reported
diabetic neuropathy 25773 occur [[60]].The elevation of blood sugar plays a crucial role in the progression and development of diabetic neuropathy . One of its mechanisms to cause DN is neural degeneration through increased oxidative stress. The metabolic
diabetic retinopathy 6480 protocols, the prediction and early identification of diabetic complications are challenging. For instance, diabetic retinopathy still has no definitive diagnostic means [[4]], and for other complications having diagnostic tools,
diabetic retinopathy 18186 the tissue [[45]]. Retinal neovascularization might also occur in diverse ocular diseases other than diabetic retinopathy such as retinopathy of prematurity and secondary neovascular glaucoma [[46]].Although DR is a major
diabetic retinopathy 42745 retinal blood vessels, after six weeks' administration compared to diabetic controlsPatients who have diabetic retinopathy (DR)A total of 18 diabetic patients were included, of which 10 of them were patients having DR and 8
diabetic retinopathy 46196 the retina of DM rats compared to the control group.PBS: phosphate-buffered saline; DR: proliferative diabetic retinopathy ; GCL: ganglion cell layer; INL: the inner nucleic layer; DME: diabetic macular edema; OIR: oxygen-induced
hyperglycemia 3142 reduce the β-cell functioning, causing a sustained rise in blood glucose [[3], [4]]. Once chronic hyperglycemia happens, individuals living with diabetes are highly susceptible to various forms of both short- and
hyperglycemia 17644 reasons for the pathological growth of neovascularization. In the case of diabetic subjects, long-term hyperglycemia can trigger inadequate blood supply that eventually leads to blood-retina barrier breakdown, high vascular
hyperglycemia 53366 kinase and ERK signaling without affecting glucose uptake.Besides, the in vitro studies revealed that hyperglycemia hampered the expression of Netrin-1 in RTPE cells.STZ-induced diabetes and DOCA salt-induced hypertension
metabolic syndrome 419 EthiopiaPublication date (collection): /2018Publication date (epub): 9/2018AbstractDiabetes is a multifactorial metabolic syndrome and is one of the shared long-lasting illnesses globally. It is linked to long-term microvascular and

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