Physical activity equivalent labeling vs. calorie labeling: a systematic review and meta-analysis

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obesity 438 date (collection): /2018AbstractBackgroundMany countries are trying to identify strategies to control obesity . Nutrition labeling is a policy that could lead to healthy food choices by providing information to
obesity 2545 users.BackgroundObesity is recognized as a significant threat to health. The increasing incidence of obesity , beyond imposing substantial costs, has been a source of concern for policy makers in health programs.
obesity 2690 has been a source of concern for policy makers in health programs. Key factors in the development of obesity are unhealthy diets and low levels of physical activity. Raising awareness of the influence of diet
obesity 2869 awareness of the influence of diet and physical activity on weight can be an effective strategy to combat obesity [[1], [2]].Recent studies have suggested that caloric restriction by 30% could reduce the incidence
obesity 3223 Energy (CALERIE) research program investigated the effects of 25% energy restriction in people without obesity for 2 years. The results of this study showed reductions in body weight by 11.5%, in fat free mass
obesity 3656 [8]].Many developed countries are trying to identify strategies to reduce the burden of overweight and obesity [[8], [9]]. One such strategy is providing labeling and consumer information [[10]], although studies
obesity 3911 inconsistent results on the effects of nutrition labeling [[11]]. Calorie labeling on menus might help combat obesity and overweight by influencing consumers’ food purchasing and eating behaviors. Although calorie labeling
obesity 24098 looking for the most effective methods. This issue is becoming increasingly important as we face the obesity outbreak and increased diversity of food products. In addition, since various factors such as taste,

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