Exercise and Bariatric Surgery: An Effective Therapeutic Strategy

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obesity 973 remission of type 2 diabetes.Key PointsBariatric surgery can be an effective therapeutic option for obesity .The long-term efficacy of bariatric surgery is not entirely clear; weight regain and diabetes relapse
obesity 1377 factor for long-term weight loss maintenance and lasting remission of type 2 diabetes.INTRODUCTIONSevere obesity is defined as a body mass index (BMI) of ≥40 kg·m−2 and is a serious and prevalent health issue
obesity 1846 and cardiovascular diseases.Bariatric surgery is a generally safe and effective treatment option for obesity and encompasses a number of different procedures ([3]). The most commonly performed bariatric surgery
obesity 3104 importance of these behaviors in energy balance, weight regulation, and the development or worsening of obesity . These behaviors also likely contribute to outcomes after bariatric surgery.In this review, we discuss
obesity 3524 of long-term outcomes. We start by identifying some of the shortcomings of the surgical options for obesity treatment, including weight regain and diabetes relapse, and suggest that exercise improves energy balance,
obesity 4504 Is VariableBariatric surgery is usually an effective therapeutic option for weight loss for severe obesity , as well as for diabetes remission in patients with lower BMI ([5]). Recent evidence shows that bariatric
obesity 13599 lifestyle intervention approaches including exercise are ineffective for treatment of persons with severe obesity ([26]). Part of the reason for this perception is that there have been very few well-controlled exercise
obesity 17818 and −5.5% vs −7.5% for women after 4-month workout period ([34])), even in patients with severe obesity (10.9 kg vs 8.2 kg over a 6-month intervention ([35])). Currently, there is scant equivalent evidence
obesity 31274 reduce osteoarthritis and knee pain, and improve quality of life in older adults?SUMMARYObesity, severe obesity , and associated comorbidities are major health care problems in the United States and worldwide. Bariatric
obesity 31464 and worldwide. Bariatric surgery is likely the most effective treatment option for many with severe obesity , but the benefits are not universal to all patients. In addition, the long-term (>1 yr) effectiveness
osteoporosis 22505 bone mineral content (BMC) ([48]), which is likely relevant for older patients who are at risk for osteoporosis .Exercise, particularly resistance exercise, can help to attenuate muscle mass loss in RYGB patients

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