Cataract surgery in diabetes mellitus: A systematic review

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diabetes mellitus 8 endocrinologydiseases
diabetic retinopathy 2 endocrinologydiseases
dexamethasone 2 endocrinologydiseasesdrugs

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dexamethasone 13536 formation compared to fluocinolone acetonide and triamcinolone acetate.[[51]] Furthermore, the intravitreal dexamethasone implants and fluocinolone implants require less frequent injections.[[51]] Studies on intravitreal dexamethasone
dexamethasone 13649 implants and fluocinolone implants require less frequent injections.[[51]] Studies on intravitreal dexamethasone implant have shown a significant improvement in clinically significant ME (CSME) over 3 years.[[52]]
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diabetes mellitus 58 Title: Indian Journal of OphthalmologyCataract surgery in diabetes mellitus : A systematic reviewAditya KelkarJai KelkarHetal MehtaWinfried AmoakuNational Institute of Ophthalmology,
diabetes mellitus 1211 of these patients and optimizing the results.Worldwide, more than 285 million people are affected by diabetes mellitus . This number is expected to increase almost twofold to 439 million by 2030 according to the International
diabetes mellitus 1422 International Diabetes Federation.[[1][2]] In India, approximately 69 million people are affected by diabetes mellitus as of 2015.[[3]] Diabetic patients are 2–5 times more likely to develop cataract and it tends to happen
diabetes mellitus 2619 impairment in diabetic patients as the incidence and progression of cataract are higher in patients with diabetes mellitus .[[14]] Several clinical studies have shown that cataracts occur more frequently and at an earlier age
diabetes mellitus 7603 duration of diabetes.[[26]]Various mechanisms have been proposed for the pathogenesis of cataract in diabetes mellitus . In the lens, sorbitol is produced faster than it is converted to fructose by the enzyme sorbitol dehydrogenase,
diabetes mellitus 8324 osmotic stress is particularly important for the rapid cataract formation in young patients with Type 1 diabetes mellitus [[31][32]] due to the extensive swelling of cortical lens fibers.[[32]]Accumulation of sorbitol and advanced
diabetes mellitus 9738 changes. Saxena et al.[[38]] found a twofold higher incidence of cortical cataracts in patients with diabetes mellitus over 5 years and postulated the same mechanism.Timing of cataract surgeryThe growing tendency toward
diabetes mellitus 30674 endophthalmitis which may be associated with a poor visual prognosis.[[111]]ConclusionThe number of people with diabetes mellitus is increasing exponentially. People with diabetes have not always shared the favorable outcomes after
diabetic retinopathy 801 the management of diabetic cataract patients. Particularly, the early recognition and treatment of diabetic retinopathy or maculopathy before cataract surgery influence the final visual outcome and play a major role in perioperative
diabetic retinopathy 1639 happen more so at an earlier age.[[3]] On the other hand, diabetes-induced microangiopathy leads to diabetic retinopathy (DR), nephropathy, and neuropathy. Recently, retinal neurodegeneration has been described in diabetes

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