Primary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor case with a preoperative course of 26 years: A case report and literature review.

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carcinoid 2 endocrinologydiseases
neuroendocrine tumor 6 endocrinologydiseases

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carcinoid 11533 patients. Upper abdominal pain is the most common symptom, and approximately 5% of patients may have carcinoid syndrome[[5]]. Some patients are asymptomatic, and the tumors are accidentally found in imaging. Preoperative
carcinoid 18583 should be the first choice if possible.Term explanationNeuroendocrine Tumor (NET), previously named carcinoid tumor, is a kind of rare tumor. NETs always originate from gastrointestinal tracts or bronchial lungs.
neuroendocrine tumor 56 Title: World Journal of GastroenterologyPrimary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor case with a preoperative course of 26 years: A case report and literature reviewXiang-Fei MengDepartment
neuroendocrine tumor 652 Drduanwd@126.comPublication date (ppub): 6/2018Publication date (epub): 6/2018AbstractPrimary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor (PHNET) is an extremely rare liver tumor. Patients often have no clinical symptoms or have only non-specific
neuroendocrine tumor 1966 patient before removal of the tumor.Core tip: In this work, we reported a rare case of primary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor . To our knowledge, the total number of cases does not exceed 150. The diagnosis, radiological features,
neuroendocrine tumor 2466 lesion contained multiple calcifications, which is not reported previously.INTRODUCTIONPrimary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor (PHNET) is a rare hepatic space-occupying lesion. Thus far, the English literature mostly contains case
neuroendocrine tumor 11074 biliary tract. Among NETs found in the liver, approximately 80% are metastatic, while primary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor (PHNET) is very rare, accounting for roughly 0.4% of all cases of NET[[3]]. In the current English literature,
neuroendocrine tumor 16854 hepatic tumor for 26 years before definitive surgery, and the diagnosis was confirmed as primary hepatic neuroendocrine tumor (PHNET). Surgical removal leads to a good long-term disease free survival.Clinical diagnosisThe female

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