Resveratrol and Its Human Metabolites-Effects on Metabolic Health and Obesity

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obesity 12 endocrinologydiseases

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metformin 21531 place in cases of nutrient starvation or in the presence of agonists, such as certain drugs (e.g., metformin ) or natural compounds such as RSV. Furthermore, AMPK may inhibit mTOR signaling, that in certain species
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metabolic syndrome 29304 of RSV supplementation on the adipose tissue metabolome [[102]]. In this study, male subjects with metabolic syndrome (characterized by elevations in at least three of the following: abdominal obesity, blood lipids, blood
obesity 883 resveratrol, and reported molecular mechanisms of action, within the context of metabolic health and obesity . Resveratrol has been described as mimicking caloric restriction, leading to improved exercise performance
obesity 1236 increasing lipid mobilization in adipose tissue. These multi-organ effects place resveratrol as an anti- obesity bioactive of potential therapeutic use.1. IntroductionResveratrol (3,5,4′-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene,
obesity 3776 physical activity [[26]]. When energy intake exceeds energy expenditure over prolonged periods, then an obesity phenotype can develop [[27]]. Obesity has major health effects, and increased BMI (body mass index)
obesity 4096 fatty liver disease, gallstones, Alzheimer’s disease and even certain cancers [[26],[27]]. To reduce obesity , lifestyle changes and therapies are aimed at reducing energy consumption or increasing energy expenditure,
obesity 6064 mechanism of action, with particular emphasis on its potential effects in managing metabolic health and obesity .2. Human Metabolism of ResveratrolBeing a phytoalexin, RSV levels vary greatly among food sources, seasons
obesity 16186 TMAO production is associated with chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and obesity [[58],[60]]. RSV supplementation was shown to reduce TMAO production by increasing the Bacteroidetes
obesity 19503 in many protein super-families modulated by RSV (Figure 3B), of relevance in metabolic diseases and obesity , such as nuclear hormone receptor-type (e.g., PPARγ), insulin related, NF-κB, enolases, sirtuins,
obesity 20964 potential benefits in longevity and preventing age-related complications, as well as type II diabetes and obesity . By activating SIRT1, RSV elicits deacetylation of PGC1α, a key regulator of energy metabolism, leading
obesity 23647 influence DNA methylation and histone modification, with the latter being most relevant in the context of obesity and energy balance. Histones are subject to post-transcriptional modification like methylation, phosphorylation,
obesity 29398 with metabolic syndrome (characterized by elevations in at least three of the following: abdominal obesity , blood lipids, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose) were treated for four months with 1 g of resveratrol.
obesity 30268 genes involved in cell cycle regulation pathways, suggesting enhanced adipogenesis [[103]].In terms of obesity and the sphere of weight management, RSV has demonstrated significant improvement of glucose control
obesity 31267 remains elusive. Mechanisms of action are varied and of potential benefit for cardiovascular health, obesity , metabolic health, inflammation, and cancer management, therefore, RSV is of wide pleiotropy. Systems-driven

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