An aPPARent Functional Consequence in Skeletal Muscle Physiology via Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors.

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fenofibrate 3 rheumatologydiseasesdrugs
myopathy 4 rheumatologydiseases

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fenofibrate 6302 used as insulin sensitizers in order to improve insulin resistance in T2DM patients. Fibrates include fenofibrate , clofibrate, and ciprofibrate, which exhibit a predominant PPARα activity and induce lipid uptake and
fenofibrate 37808 the late 1960s [[125]]. The fibrates that are commonly used for clinical treatment are bezafibrate, fenofibrate , and gemfibrozil. Fenofibrate treatment in patients with metabolic syndrome improves lipid profiles
fenofibrate 38180 insulin sensitivity in insulin-deficient streptozotocin-treated mice [[128]]. However, bezafibrate and fenofibrate exhibit weak PPARβ/δ and/or PPARγ agonist activity [[125],[129]]. Therefore, the direct pharmacological
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myopathy 23485 mutations in the PNPLA2 gene, which encodes ATGL in humans, can lead to neutral lipid storage diseases with myopathy . In humans, ATGL is exclusively expressed in type I muscle fibers and plays an important role in skeletal
myopathy 41543 running endurance of these transgenic mice [[42]]. Furthermore, in the mouse model of ischemic cardio myopathy , the impaired exercise endurance following myocardial infarction could be reversed by the PPARβ/δ
myopathy 55312 normal aging process. Interestingly, the clinical use of fibrates may cause muscle weakness and pain ( myopathy ), or rhabdomyolysis in rare cases [[191]]. The exact mechanism of PPARα activation in diseased and
myopathy 58500 However, the widespread use of these ligands is plagued by their accompanying side effects. Beside myopathy , fibrates are also known to increase the risk for gallstones formation [[205]] and renal failure [[206]].

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