Collaborative research and actions on both sides of the US-Mexico border to counteract type 2 diabetes in people of Mexican origin

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diabetic retinopathy 1 endocrinologydiseases
metabolic syndrome 2 endocrinologydiseases
metformin 1 endocrinologydiseasesdrugs
obesity 7 endocrinologydiseases

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metformin 33915 expenditure has been recently published [[28]] and a cost-effectiveness analysis of a modeled intervention of metformin vs. lifestyle for the prevention/delay of onset of T2D among Mexican adults in Mexico with pre-diabetes
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diabetic retinopathy 14682 diabetes [[32]]. Despite the remarkable social and economic cost of T2D chronic complications (especially diabetic retinopathy and end-stage kidney failure), there is little information at the level of the Mexican healthcare system
metabolic syndrome 6994 hospitalizations.Finally, 19% of the Mexican adult population has pre-diabetes, and approximately 40% has metabolic syndrome (a strong risk factor for T2D and cardiovascular disease), defined as a conglomerate of risk factors
metabolic syndrome 7302 and/or reduced HDL cholesterol [[16], [17]]. Because T2D progresses from the overlapping conditions of metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes, efforts to prevent T2D invariably will need to focus on the large subset of the population
obesity 2908 the world.BackgroundThe American continent is the region of the world with the highest prevalence of obesity and Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), where the patterns of mortality are dominated by non-communicable (e.g. chronic)
obesity 6719 Years (DALYs) rates due to chronic kidney disease in Mexico increased 136% relative to 1990, with T2D, obesity and hypertension as the main risk factors [[6]]. Although the incidence of acute diabetes complications
obesity 7132 factor for T2D and cardiovascular disease), defined as a conglomerate of risk factors including central obesity , elevated blood glucose, triglycerides and blood pressure, and/or reduced HDL cholesterol [[16], [17]].
obesity 11457 Mexican National Academy of Medicine has produced two influential position papers on the topics of obesity and diabetes with recommendations to curb the current T2D epidemic [[31], [32]].In addition, innovative
obesity 19582 Prevention First Initiative was awarded funding from the CDC to prevent and control diabetes, heart disease, obesity and associated risk factors and promote school health. Objectives include increasing availability of
obesity 22378 [[50]]. Modeling studies have found reductions in SSB consumptions to produce important reduction in obesity , T2D and coronary heart disease among Mexicans. Similarly, in the US, reductions in SSB consumption
obesity 24108 requiring that outdoor advertising of sugar drinks contain a warning notice related to the risks of obesity , diabetes and tooth decay. The American Beverage Association sued the City in a federal constitutional

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