Diabetic Retinopathy Screening: A Systematic Review on Patients' Non-Attendance.

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diabetic retinopathy 672 undetected and unnoticed until irreversible damage and even blindness has occurred. Effective screening for diabetic retinopathy has been proven to reduce the risk of sight loss. The National Health Service (NHS) which provides healthcare
diabetic retinopathy 869 Service (NHS) which provides healthcare for all UK citizens, implemented systematic retinal screening for diabetic retinopathy in England in 2003, with the aim of identifying and treating all patients with sight threatening retinopathy.
diabetic retinopathy 1341 characteristics, concerns, experiences of retinal screening and their understanding of the risks of diabetic retinopathy . All studies that satisfied the study inclusion criteria on ‘patients’ non-attendance at retinal
diabetic retinopathy 1831 population had sight threatening retinopathy (STDR), repeated nonattendance was linked to sight threatening diabetic retinopathy , and that certain factors, could be barriers or incentives for screening uptake. Some of those factors

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