Calcifying Matrix Vesicles and Atherosclerosis.

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diabetes mellitus 1 endocrinologydiseases
vascular calcification 4 endocrinologydiseases

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diabetes mellitus 14781 calcification. Inflammation and lipid deposits do not contribute to calcification. On the other hand, diabetes mellitus and end-stage renal disease were shown to be associated with medial calcification [[12]]. Mönckeberg
vascular calcification 4163 studies [[4]–[6]].3. Microscopic Features of Atherosclerosis-Related CalcificationEarly stages of vascular calcification are initiated from the microcalcification (Figure 1). The calcifying particles released by VSMCs typically
vascular calcification 4638 amount of intimal VSMCs are reduced in the basement membrane.Although VSMC apoptosis is a major way of vascular calcification , microcalcification can also be caused by apoptotic death or the release of matrix vesicles by macrophages
vascular calcification 17951 lesions. Indeed, apoptotic bodies released by proapoptotic VSMCs play a prominent role in the induction of vascular calcification .Hyperphosphatemia could also serve as inducer of calcification. Bovine aortic valve interstitial cells
vascular calcification 20786 lesions. Compared to unstable plaques, stable lesions are more heavily calcified.The mechanisms of vascular calcification should be better understood with using animal models and new molecular and image techniques. In the

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