Roles, responsibilities and characteristics of lay community health workers involved in diabetes prevention programmes: A systematic review.

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Insulin 1 endocrinologydiseasesdrugs
diabetes insipidus 2 endocrinologydiseases
diabetes mellitus 4 endocrinologydiseases
metformin 1 endocrinologydiseasesdrugs
obesity 8 endocrinologydiseases

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Insulin 29998 Porou (Maori) communityPrimary: reduce the prevalence of insulin resistancePhysiological Outcomes:- Insulin resistance prevalence decreased markedly from 35.5% to 25.4% (p = 0.003)Ongoing37. Schulz et al., 2005
metformin 11118 [[13]]Philadelphia (US); clinical and community settingsDesign: RCT–parallel group design [standard care vs. metformin / DDP lifestyle intervention to normal care] - 3-arm RCTN = 92Gender: 100% FemaleAge range: 45.1±12.5Mean
Select Disease Character Offset Disease Term Instance
diabetes insipidus 7091 Fields] AND "mellitus"[All Fields]) OR "diabetes mellitus"[All Fields] OR "diabetes"[All Fields] OR " diabetes insipidus "[MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes"[All Fields] AND "insipidus"[All Fields]) OR "diabetes insipidus"[All Fields])
diabetes insipidus 7183 Fields] OR "diabetes insipidus"[MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes"[All Fields] AND "insipidus"[All Fields]) OR " diabetes insipidus "[All Fields]) AND ("prevention and control"[Subheading] OR ("prevention"[All Fields] AND "control"[All
diabetes mellitus 6527 promotores, community health promotores, village health volunteers, lay health educators diabetes, diabetes mellitus , type 2 diabetes, and prevention. Boolean operators, such as AND/OR/NOT were used to string terms together.
diabetes mellitus 6940 AND "health"[All Fields] AND "workers"[All Fields]) OR "community health workers"[All Fields]) AND (" diabetes mellitus "[MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes"[All Fields] AND "mellitus"[All Fields]) OR "diabetes mellitus"[All Fields]
diabetes mellitus 7030 Fields]) AND ("diabetes mellitus"[MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes"[All Fields] AND "mellitus"[All Fields]) OR " diabetes mellitus "[All Fields] OR "diabetes"[All Fields] OR "diabetes insipidus"[MeSH Terms] OR ("diabetes"[All Fields]
diabetes mellitus 42609 2011 [[32]]Gender: NPMean age: NPMean education level: NP-Recruited based on interest in developing a diabetes mellitus programmeNPNPNP-Recruited people who were at risk for developing diabetes-ran programme-provided nutrition
obesity 22437 respectively-lowered systolic & diastolic BP by 8mm Hg & 4mm Hg respectively in overall population-general & abdominal obesity also decreased by ≤1%Knowledge Improvement:-knowledge of diabetes & CVD improved by 50% in the high
obesity 26136 study is a community-based, culturally responsive 7 gender-specific intervention aimed at reducing obesity & diabetes among a small sample of African American menN = 42Gender: MalesRace/ethnicity: African AmericanPrimary:
obesity 26648 activitiesKnowledge Improvements:-participants had greater knowledge about strategies for prevention & management of obesity & diabetes6-week intervention31. Cadzow et al., 2013 [[40]]32. Cadzow et al., 2014 [[41]]Buffalo city
obesity 28382 (US)Design: Recruitment, training & evaluation of intervention fidelity of Promotoras de Salud for obesity and diabetes preventionN = 5 promotorasGender: FemalesAge: 38–54 yearsMean age: 46.5 yearsRace/ethnicity:
obesity 46018 [[39]]Gender: NPMean age: NPMean education level: NPNPContent:Trained to:-to recruit participants-implement the obesity & diabetes prevention intervention-facilitate exercise & healthy lifestyle activities-connect men with
obesity 46256 providers & other supportive community resourcesNPNP-to recruit participants-data collection-implement the obesity & diabetes prevention intervention-facilitate exercise & healthy lifestyle activities-connect men with
obesity 49571 counselling skills-nutrition education-behaviour change skills-physical activity skills-health knowledge on obesity , diabetes & CVD-healthy eating and physical activity impacts on health-ethical issues in health promotion-small
obesity 68050 al., 2011 [[10]]“Lay health workers offers a promising vehicle for translation of evidenced-based obesity treatment in underserved areas”Krukowski et al., 2013 [[11]]Krukowski et al., 2013 [[12]]“A LHE

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